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Spend your Waitangi Day at Xtreme Entertainment

Waitangi Day is a special time for all New Zealanders. Why don't you spend the day with friends and family at Xtreme Entertainment having some fun?

The 3 ways you could embarrass yourself at the next work Christmas party

There are many ways people sometimes embarrass themselves at the office Xmas party. At your company's Xtreme Entertainment event, try to avoid some of these.

3 things that take more time than booking a game online

Why should you book your next game online? Because it saves time, money and effort! Find out exactly how much you can save by reading this article. 

How to get a strike

When you are having fun bowling, there's nothing much more satisfying than the thunk-boof-wham-kerdoink! of a strike.

3 ways to take a break between bowling games

Bowling is always great fun, but you do have to take a break every now and then. Here are three ways to pass the time while waiting for a lane to come free.

After dark bowling: The perfect start to your weekend

Everybody lives Friday, and when it comes to getting ready for the weekend,  nothing beats a spot of late night bowling at Xtreme Entertainment. Read on to find out more. 

Warm up your Winter at Xtreme Entertainment Garden City

Christchurch is one of New Zealand's biggest and most bustling cities filled with amazing outdoor adventures! The South Island is home to quintessential Kiwi experiences, but any Kiwi can tell you that once those winter months hit, this country gets cold. 

5 ways to up your bowling game

Bowling isn't actually as easily as it looks on TV. Here are 5 short and simple tips for improving your bowling game and adding a few strikes to your card.

Continuing the sporting fun of the Christchurch summer

In the Christchurch and wider Canterbury region we love our sport. What are our highlights of the past summer and how can you create your own memories?