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Tips to help your children get into bowling

Bowling is a great kids' activity, but some children will have never experienced the sport before. Here are some tips for helping your youngsters get into it.

DIY birthday cake inspiration

Making the cake yourself for your child's birthday can be an intimidating task, so check out our cake inspiration for techniques that anyone can do.

How to throw a bowling party for children

Bowling is a fun activity for all ages. Here are a few tips to ensure your children's birthday party runs smoothly and is fun for everyone involved.

4 classic cakes to bring to Xtreme Entertainment

One of the best things about parties is cake, we all know this. At Xtreme Entertainment, you can bring whichever type you like, but here are four of our favourite classics. 

How to make the most of weekends as summer winds down

You don't have to stop having fun just because summer is over! We like to keep the fun rolling all year long here at Xtreme Entertainment. See what you can get up to.

How to prepare for victory at Xtreme Entertainment

Bowling is serious business, and nobody wants to lose. Here are three top tips from Xtreme Entertainment to make sure that you're prepared and ready to rumble. 

3 ways to celebrate your strike

One of the most important aspects of every good bowling game is the way that you celebrate your strike. Will you do the robot? Or something unique to you.

Celebrating Mothers Day at Xtreme Entertainment

Mother's Day (May 14) is less than a week away. What do you have planned to celebrate and recognise this special occasion?