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Team name ideas for your bowling league

One of the key features of joining a bowling league is getting to come up with a hilarious team name. Here are our suggestions to start your off!

The positives of interoffice bowling leagues

Bowling - bringing work mates together since ages ago! Create a bowling league that encourages your colleagues to get to know each other, have fun and exercise a little healthy competition.

Think you're a pro at strikes? Try bowling backwards

A U.S. man has broken the record for the highest score in a single game of backwards bowling - why not head down to a Xtreme Entertainment alley to see how many strikes you can rack up?

5 ways to energise yourself before Laser Skirmish

Eating certain foods can improve eyesight and boost energy, while certain exercises can get the heart rate pumping just before you play Laser Skirmish.

Quality father/son bonding ideas at Xtreme Entertainment

If you're after some classic father son bonding time, look no further than the mano a mano fun on the bowling lanes or Laser Skirmish arena. 

When was the laser invented?

Learn about when and how the magnificent laser was invented and how it has changed the world. Next, you can be a part of the story by playing Laser Skirmish.