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The history of the hot dog

This yummy meal has satisfied stomachs and made mouths water the world over. But did you know this tasty treat has a fascinating history?

Lord of the Spuds: Xtreme Entertainment's new Tri-tatoes

You know what's better than one potato? Three potatoes. Come on down to Xtreme Entertainment to try our delicious new Tri-tato wedge assortment. 

Celebrate the end of the NZ fiscal year at Xtreme Entertainment

The end of the financial year can be very stressful for many people across an organisation. Treat them to a party at Xtreme Entertainment to say thanks!

3 ways to reward your staff at Christmas

Christmas is a chance to show employees that you care about them. Here are three ways to make sure staff know they're valued. 

3 reasons your work Christmas party should be fancy dress

Christmas parties are an opportunity to get dressed up and have some serious fun. Here are three reasons to make 2016's event fancy dress. 

Why should you include team uniforms at your office bowling party?

Team uniforms can promote a sense of unity and provide staff with a unique memoir of the fun they had at the work Christmas bowling party.

Why selfies could be beneficial for your next corporate function

Group selfies promote camaraderie and friendship amongst staff. Encourage selfie culture at your next Xtreme Entertainment or laser tag work party.

Icebreakers for your next corporate bowling party

Corporate Christmas functions can be awkward when staff don't know each other that well. These icebreakers will help encourage conversation.