Laser Tag

triple play

Triple Play

Triple the fun and play three games of bowling. Click the info button below for more details.

Triple Play

Offer Details

  • Get 3 games of bowling for just $15 per person
  • Only available Sundays after 6pm
Adults play laser skirmish

After Dark

Check out this awesome offer, 2 games of laser tag for only $10 per person to make the most of your weekend! Friday - Saturday from 9pm.

After Dark

Offer Details

  • 2 Games of Bowling or Laser
  • Available on Friday and Saturday nights

Welcome, soldier.

Your mission: Score as many points as you can for your team by shooting members of the enemy forces in their target zones on each shoulder, their backs, fronts and phaser guns. And don't forget, the enemy has its sights set on your target zones too, so do your best to out-think, out-run, and out-shoot your foe.

You will need to be prepared for any battleground. You could be thrown into an eerie underworld of urban sprawl, a spacey alien atmosphere, an ancient prehistoric jungle, or a macabre medieval landscape. A good soldier will adapt to any environment, wielding their state-of-the-art phaser like a true hero - use it well.

Prepare to get your legs moving and your heart rate pumping as you manoeuvre through the grounds, hunting as a pack, breaking up into small groups or going for the lone wolf approach.The darkness will act like your friend to hide you, but even the dim lighting won't stop the brightly coloured LED lights on your packs and guns showing you exactly where everyone stands.

You will get caught up in the moment, it will go faster than you think, and you will feel more than a little pride in hearing that you got the top score or that your team won.

The first laser arena opened on March 28, 1984 (a day that we now celebrate as International Laser Tag day) and this exhilarating, fast-paced game has been a favourite for events ever since.

Book in at Xtreme Entertainment Panmure for birthday parties (for the young, and young-at-heart), corporate functions, fundraising events, and celebrations. Or book in for no reason at all, who needs one to have fun?

We supply you with the battle vest and phaser gear to play, but there's nothing stopping you from going all out and coming prepared in your team colours, complete with Rambo-style sweatbands and combat boots.

Take a look at our special offers for package deals, unlimited play and more.

Over to you, soldier.

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