Team Building

As much as everyone in a workplace wants to get on well with their colleagues, many people would rather eat cardboard, peel potatoes or lick envelopes than perform traditional bonding exercises.

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that a 2012 study by Wakefield Research found that 31 per cent of officers workers dislike team building activities.

When did we all forget that team building can be fun?

Team building at Xtreme Entertainment

Say NO to the same old tired tasks. Say YES to a team-building exercise so fun it feels more like a reward for the workers than an outing that will actually benefit the company.

You can't manage an exceptional team until you've built one, and more than a few studies prove that making the effort to do so can really pay off when it comes to knuckling down on the job.

And one of the best ways to do this? Sporting activities - you know, like bowling.

Hitting the lanes together at Xtreme Entertainment can teach a team a lot more than their colleagues' shoe sizes. They'll have to communicate and work together, as well as naturally take on individual roles within the group, set goals and help each other.

What's another way to boost the teamness of your team? Shared meals - and we've got that covered, too.


Pick from our packages for a deal that covers your games and food.

The Captain Package: A two-games of bowling and our premium food options.
The Coach Package: A two-games bowling and with yummy food.

You've also got the optional extras of more food, arcade game Powercard credit and personalised wristbands.

Whether your team is a fledgling spring chicken or a creaky old-timer, give them a reason to re-think their assumptions of corporate team building exercises by booking your next function with us.

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Adult party Bronze Corporate Package


The Coach Package

Our brilliant, price busting, coach package will benefit every boss, because it'll beat, basically every bowling bargain out there! Bring it on! Book your bowling bonanza by contacting one of our brilliant sales team members below!
Adult party Silver Corporate Package


The Captain Package

The Captain Package is perfect for those groups looking for more! You get even more amazing food included than The Coach package. Take a closer look by clicking on the link below.
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Who are you 'kid'ding?

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Do something different for your birthday/anniversary/hens/bucks party and come and play at one of our centres. We’ve got awesome party packages for all occasions.

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