"Woohoo, it's the end of the financial year, time to celebrate  - let's get out the abacus!" - said no one. Ever.

Everyone wants to celebrate the end of a financial year, but nobody has any ideas that anyone can agree on. After all, the boss isn't likely to shout everyone a trip to Vegas, it's got to be something everyone can enjoy, there has to be drinks and food, and there's got to be enough room for everyone.

Plus, by the time the end of the financial year rolls around, we're already seeing more little blue drops on the weather reports and clouds in all shades of grey out the window, so an outdoor event or gathering just won't do. It's not easy.

But it could be.

At Xtreme Entertainment, we tick those boxes faster than a gutterball destroys the hopes of a strike.

Come in and celebrate New Financial Year's Eve with us and party like it's 1999. You can do a final countdown - as you knock over the pins. You can watch the ball drop - off the end of the lane. You can indulge in a cheeky few glasses of bubbles - at the bar (on the company account). Perhaps there's a kiss in store for you at midnight - just wait until the boss isn't watching. You can even hold hands and sing Auld Lang Syne if you want to - in here though, we call it Auld Lane Syne.

Workplace stress is one thing we're serious about though, with around one quarter of Aussies reporting moderate to severe levels of stress according to the Australian Psychological Society. The American Institute of Stress takes that a step further, showing that in one study, 15 per cent of workers had "felt like striking him or her but didn't". We suggest a strike of a different kind.

The bowling alley is the great leveller, so if you've been holding some pent up rage against Brian from accounts since September when he stole your best pen, now's the time to battle it out like grown ups and see who can get the best score. Whether or not he knows you're actually competing is another matter.

What better place to get together to celebrate some of the bigger milestones of the year and forget about the less pleasant ones (or just have a drink and a bit of a whinge)? And what better way to refresh the whole team in preparation for another bigger, better year.

A note for the stressed organiser frantically searching for party options: Stop with the number crunching, take a few minutes and a few clicks to enquire online and put your feet up. We'll have the first cold one waiting for you.

Check out our packages below:

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Adult party Bronze Corporate Package


The Coach Package

Our brilliant, price busting, coach package will benefit every boss, because it'll beat, basically every bowling bargain out there! Bring it on! Book your bowling bonanza by contacting one of our brilliant sales team members below!
Adult party Silver Corporate Package


The Captain Package

The Captain Package is perfect for those groups looking for more! You get even more amazing food included than The Coach package. Take a closer look by clicking on the link below.
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Who are you 'kid'ding?

More of a kidult than an adult?

Do something different for your birthday/anniversary/hens/bucks party and come and play at one of our centres. We’ve got awesome party packages for all occasions.

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