Champions of Fun

Our goal at Xtreme Entertainment is to be the 'Champions of Fun', we want every customer, young or old, to have such an amazing experience that they want to come back and we deliver that by having a team that are the 'Champions of Fun'.  The great part about that is that it’s fun to do!  Our team have fun at work by creating fun for our customers.  We work hard but we play hard too!  There’s not many people who can say that their job is to create fun…would you like to be one of them…?

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If you're passionate and want to develop, then we are here to support you! Ongoing 'on-the-job' and online training means you're always developing new skills or building on existing ones!
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What's it like working at Xtreme Entertainment?

We look for enthusiastic, fun and engaging individuals who are dedicated to customer service and creating memorable experiences!
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Champions of fun

Working at Xtreme Entertainment

Our team have fun at work by creating fun for our customers. We work hard but we play hard too!