High Scores

When playing an arcade game something happens deep inside our brains, it's like a switch gets flicked at the same time the game starts. You suddenly morph into a hyper competitive racing driver or a fearless secret ops commander. It’s as if a stranger takes over your body and all that exists is the game and a desire win, to achieve the highest score possible on whatever it is you’re playing.  

Once the GAME OVER screen appears we’re transfixed with the High Score screen. Where will we rank? Most of the time we’re down in the depths, ranked 3,467. But once in a while the gaming goods shine down on us, the game might have been reset, we may have hit the jackpot multiplier that adds an addition million points. Whatever the reason we have found ourselves in the rarefied atmosphere, amongst gaming legends on the top 10 leaderboard! 

If you've been there, if you've ever made it into the top 10 then we want proof. We want you to take a photo and tag it using #playatXtreme Entertainment and we'll add you to our list of SUPER GAMERS! Take a look at some of the High Scores we’ve had on our machines around the country and let us know if you’re name is amongst these or if you have beaten any of these scores. We want to give you the credit your deserve!

Good luck and may the gaming gods be on your side particularly the patron saint of luck High Priest PACMAN!

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