Parties for grown ups at Xtreme Entertainment NZ


As we get older it can be a bit difficult knowing exactly what type of party to throw for you and your mates. At some level, we all want to stay young and recapture those blissful weekend events with childhood friends. At the same time, there does come a point where jumping in a bouncy castle or getting lost in a ball pit becomes a tad inappropriate. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some of us choose to embrace growing older and the world of canapes, cocktails and polite chit chat, but this can lack the same excitement. 

But where's the middle ground? What if you want the best of both worlds - fun, exhilarating activities coupled with good food? Well if that sounds like you then you'd better head on down to Xtreme Entertainment for the very best in parties for grown ups who are still young at heart.

Playing isn't just for kids

When you head along to any sort of event or function, the first thing that you'll inevitably notice is the entertainment (if there is any). Too often adult functions rely solely on conversation between people who you may or may not know very well, and let's face it, things can get a bit awkward if there are any lulls or pauses. That's why the best parties feature different activities to keep people occupied - such as bowling, laser skirmish or an arcade session. 

Not only will these sorts of things keep everybody entertained and happy, but they also get the blood pumping and can really help you to bond with other attendees. After all, do you think you'll make a better connection by chatting to a stranger over an amuse-bouche or after spending an evening covering each other from enemy fire in the laser skirmish arena?

Yummy in your tummy

Of course nobody can deny that food is an integral part of any party, and while you might want to recapture your youth with some arcade gaming, chocolates and fairy bread aren't the most nutritious meals. Fortunately as an adult you'll have a better appreciation of the finer things in life - such as beautiful burgers, fantastic fries and of course something sweet to finish. 

At Xtreme Entertainment, we've got a broad menu offering all the classics, so no matter what you and your pals are hankering for, satisfaction is all but guaranteed. Best of all, there's plenty of options for the kids too if you're bringing them along. 

You don't have to choose between good food and great times at Xtreme Entertainment, the whole shebang is there for the taking. Get in touch with our team to find out more.