Christmas is for Kidults at Xtreme Entertainment


If there was ever a time for responsible adults to throw off the shackles of maturity, surely it's Christmas. At the end of the year, most of us are on holiday and we all get to spend time with our families and exchange gifts and jokes - but that's not all...

Christmas is also the time of year when we really get to cut loose and have some fun. There's no work on Monday morning, no need to drop the kids to school, and nothing to stop you from heading out and partying like the child you once were. At your local Xtreme Entertainment centre, we've got everything you'll need to celebrate the festive season like a true 'kidult.'  

Food and drink

As a kid, all we wanted to do was eat lollies, burgers and other delicious treats until we were so full we could barely move. Unfortunately part of growing older is learning a bit of restraint, along with accepting that sooner or later you will actually have to eat a vegetable or two. That doesn't mean you still can't cut loose every now and then though, and Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a few top notch meals that you wouldn't necessarily get to during a typical working week. 

From mouth-watering burgers to nachos, hot dogs and loaded wedges, the Xtreme Entertainment menu boasts all the kidult classics. Plus there's a similarly great range of drinks (you're never too old for an ice cream spider!), so you can really recapture that sense of childhood fun whether you're visiting with the family or as part of the office Christmas party. 

Activities galore

Once you've finished your dream dinner, it's time to really let the inner kid out to play. Xtreme Entertainment centres make having fun easy - all you have to do is pick your favourite activity. Maybe you're keen for a spot of bowling - you used to be good, right? Once you've cleared out the opposition, it's on to the laser skirmish arena to work up a sweat and forget all about the long year you've had of answering emails and liaising with clients. The kidult doesn't read emails - they're too busy ambushing the other team in the depths of the Xtreme Entertainment arena! 

Finally, once you're legs are worn out from a well-fought battle, you can head into the arcade and play some of the games from your childhood. It may well have been decades since you last jumped into Pac-Man or Street Fighter, but trust us when we say they're still just as good. 

To find out more about how you and your buddies can party like kidults at Xtreme Entertainment - contact our team today