Celebrate the end of the NZ fiscal year at Xtreme Entertainment


Over the next month or so, there will be people across New Zealand businesses who are under extreme pressure to get their work done. No, they aren't preparing to go on a holiday, it's just the annual rush of finishing everything before the end of the NZ fiscal year.

As well as considering the year-end tax position and working out the 2017 provisional tax, those involved in the end of the financial year have many specific tasks to complete. This means that once March 31 has passed, there is certainly some merit in senior management rewarding their team's hard efforts.

So, what's the best approach to this? Lunch? Drinks? Well, how about something completely out of the box - a trip to Xtreme Entertainment!

A chance to blow off steam

It's fair to say that your team has spent weeks, if not months, ensuring that the company meets its financial responsibilities. As such, there is a need to let them have some fun and burn some steam off - a diet of number crunching and reports isn't that engaging!

At Xtreme Entertainment, we can help your team celebrate the end of the financial year like no other place. Imagine Roger from accounts taking on Jeff from senior management in a battle of the strikes, considering the week before they were working on the finer points the tax return, it could raise their spirits immensely.

The bowling alley is a true leveller - there is no hierarchy and only the scoreboard can prove who the boss is!

Improving team morale for the following year

Although work continues the day after the end of the NZ fiscal year, it feels like a new year for many people. This means that marking this period is important for team morale and can set the tone for the months ahead.

As such, escape the normal bars and restaurants and go somewhere where fun is the name of the game. Whether your team bonds over a classic game of bowling or an epic win in the arcade, these are the memories that build camaraderie and respect among everyone.

Add in food and drink through The Coach or The Captain packages and you have all the makings of a great night out. Take a few photos, post them on the noticeboard at work and your time at Xtreme Entertainment will never be forgotten!