Warm up your Winter at Xtreme Entertainment Garden City

Grey skies, cold winds, thick rain and even some snow here and there - the winters are meant for indoor activities. That's why you need to head to Christchurch's Garden City Xtreme Entertainment centre

Don't be fooled by the name, this destination is snug and warm indoors so you can get amongst all the fun activities that Xtreme Entertainment has to offer. Here are three ways you can warm up when you visit the Xtreme Entertainment centre this winter. 

1. Go bowling

But don't just bowlJoin a league. There is nothing quite like a rousing game of bowling against your biggest rival to keep you warm. We have some of the best lanes in New Zealand, so it'll be pretty hard to stay away. If the heat of cut throat competition doesn't get you in a sweat, turn to your team for a group huddle to strategise against your opponents. 

2. Take on the arcade 

Did you know that you can burn some serious calories playing video games? The more you get into them, the more calories you burn and the warmer you stay. But it's not just video games that we have in our arcade centre, oh no! We have all your other favourites like air hockey. Sure that game might sound cold, but once you're playing, you might find that it is as intense as a regular game of ice hockey itself.

3. Indulge in a hot meal

But if at the end of the day you want nothing more than a hot meal to warm you from the inside out, then we have you covered as well. Here at Garden City Xtreme Entertainment, we've got all your favourite foods that come hot out of the oven, right to your table. We're talking, burgers, nachos, loaded wedges and the works. Honestly, you might need to step outside to cool off after a feed like this - or, you could always opt for an always seasonally appropriate ice cream sundae! 

Don't hibernate and shiver away in your bedroom this winter. Come on down to Garden City Xtreme Entertainment
and stay warm the fun way!