The 3 ways you could embarrass yourself at the next work Christmas party

Teambuilding at the bowling alley

There is no team building activity quite like an office Christmas party. These coveted events are where friendships are made, romance is kindled and the occasional coworker is photographed doing something they perhaps shouldn't have been. 

At Xtreme Entertainment, we make organising the end-of-year do easy, thanks to our many different package options and additional extras. But before you set off on your adult Xmas party adventure, consider the following ways people sometimes embarrass themselves. Will you be aiming to avoid these ... or achieve them?

Watch where you dance...

A UK company studied over 1,000 people to find out their worst office party moments. One of our favourites from the list was about a man who tried to do the 'worm' dance move, only to accidentally kick his female colleague in the face, thus breaking her nose. Now that's what we call 'break dancing'. 

Keep it in your stomach

The Daily Edge surveyed its regular readers to try and discover their embarrassing moments as well. There was one worker who successfully vomited on their boss's wife's cashmere coat. Guess what they tried to wipe it up with? The boss's wife's scarf.

Hold on to your gadgets

Finally, Fast Company did the same thing - asked its readers to send in their nightmare party memories. Don't be like one of them: He, as with many of these types of stories, had a little too much to drink. When he couldn't pay for the cab fare home, as he had lost his wallet containing all his money some time earlier, he offered his iPhone as payment!

Though Xtreme Extertainment has a great bar along with its snack and game options, we would encourage you to exercise caution when drinking, lest you hear about your actions until the next party rolls around in a year.