Spend your Waitangi Day at Xtreme Entertainment


One of the best elements of the New Zealand summer is the plethora of opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Even when school and work goes back, there are at least two long weekends to escape the house and have some fun.

After the upper North Island has celebrated Anniversary Day, it's less than a week until the whole country recognises Waitangi Day - February 6. As the national day, it's a time to honour the past, but also have some fun in true Kiwi spirit.

Our two locations - Panmure and Garden City - are open on Waitangi Day. So, what are you waiting for, round up the family and see what you enjoy this long weekend.

Going for the 300 game

Of course, the main game at Xtreme Entertainment is - yes, you guessed it - bowling. This Waitangi Day, all our lanes are open as you search for your best form possible.

Make a day of it by pitting kids against adults, but perhaps let the children have the rails up to make it a more even contest. Bowling is a game for all ages, abilities and fitness levels so the main aim is fun!

Prepare for a laser battle

While some relax on the beach during Waitangi Day, others might like a classic game of Laser Skirmish. We supply the battle vest and phaser gear, you just bring a sense of fun and a hunger for victory.

Kiwis love competition and what better way to spend the day than exploring an alien atmosphere or ancient prehistoric jungle with the aim for a win.

Laser Skirmish is easy to learn and fun to play - just remember the opposition is your family and friends so be humble with your victory!

Filling up the tummy

After a day of bowling and shooting, there is no doubt that the team will be hungry. The key to good concentration and focus is a full tummy so head down to our restaurants and fill your boots.

At Xtreme Entertainment, we have a range of food and drink options from burgers and chips to hot dogs and sundaes. If you squad is large, then there is also platters available.

If you and your family are looking for something to do this long weekend, head down to Xtreme Entertainment, there is plenty of fun to go around!