How to prepare for victory at Xtreme Entertainment


Bowling may be great fun, but that doesn't mean it's not serious business. We all know how seriously Kiwis take their competition, and a round or two on the lanes is no different! Accordingly, you may want to spend a bit of time preparing before the big day, to make sure that you and your team are well equipped to dominate the opposition - even if that opposition is just your children.

Here are three top ways that you can ensure you're ready to rock and roll when you step onto the lane.

1. Work out your team name

Nothing lays down the gauntlet quite like a great team name. While the other groups are umming and ahhing over what to call themselves, you can step in with a really great title that sets out your desire to dominate. There are a few different routes that you can go down here, but the team at Xtreme Entertainment are always partial to a good pun (Livin' on a spare, the pin ups) or a spot of rhyme (gutter dusters). You don't have to go all out and get printed shirts - although that would certainly send a message - but you can definitely get an early advantage by outwitting the other team.

2. Work out your food options

Nothing's more off-putting than a rumbling stomach just as you're stepping up to bowl. And you definitely don't want to get distracted by the menus and spend more time wondering what to order than perfecting your form. You can avoid this by working out what to eat in advance, whether it's a big hearty lunch or a small snack to tide you over until the next break. Take a look at the delicious Xtreme Entertainment menu and get your order in quick, it's just another way that you can keep that winning streak going.

3. Work out your sizes 

You'd be surprised how many people don't actually know what size of shoe they wear. The first port of call upon arriving at the alley is the shoe rack, and murmurs of "am I a seven or an eight" are a surefire way to recognise under-prepared bowlers. Having a good fit is crucial for comfort and maintaining good form, so double check in advance. The same goes double for balls - you'll need something that fits your fingers and isn't too light or too heavy. You may not have your own to bring along, but taking a bit of time to find the perfect ball may just be the difference between winning and losing.

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you're there to have fun! Whatever the scorecard says, a day at an Xtreme Entertainment New Zealand Centre is always a win.