Celebrating Mothers Day at Xtreme Entertainment


This Sunday, kids (of all ages) will be celebrating and recognising their mum's hard work. While it might seem a little unfair that there is only one day to formally do this, Mother's Day offers the chance to dedicate your time and effort to your only mum.

So, with less than a week before the big day, what are your plans for Mother's Day? A homemade card? Shopping vouchers? Cooked breakfast in bed?

Well, while all those are good options, you could also drop into Xtreme Entertainment Garden City and have a fun-filled day with mum! Check out what's on offer.

Have a bowl together

Tenpin bowling is certainly one of those sports that appeals to all ages. Younger children can use the bumper sides and ramps to get their first strikes, while mum and dad can let loose to see who can get the highest score.

Of course, the most important part of Mother's Day is spending time with your loved ones. It doesn't really matter who wins, the key is letting mum know how much you care about her. Does this mean letting her win? That's a decision for you!

Have fun in the arcade

The arcade might seem like an environment where mums can get bored, waiting for the kids to finally finish their game of Fruit Ninja. However, some mums have grown up in the arcade and at Xtreme Entertainment Garden City, she can relive some of those glory years.

Get mum on the classic air hockey table or first-person racing games and we're sure she will give you a run for your money.

Our arcade breaks down generations with the winner always the one with the most skill. On Mother's Day, you just might be in for a surprise!

Relax with some tasty food

After a morning or afternoon of family fun, we bet everyone's a little hungry. In this case, treat mum to a special Mother's Day meal from the Xtreme Entertainment menu!

Our menu includes everything needed for a day out - a potato bar, burgers, wraps, hot dogs, toasties, desserts, plus a full selection of drinks.

Mother's Day is a time dedicated to showing how much we love and appreciate our mums. This Sunday, make sure you spoil her rotten and give back just a little of what she does for you every day of the year!