After dark bowling: The perfect start to your weekend


Everybody in the workforce knows how good it feels when Friday finally rolls around, with the promise of the weekend just a few hours away. In many ways it doesn't really matter what you've got planned for your days away from the office. Whether you're chilling on the couch or out playing footy at the park, the weekend is your own personal time, and you can do whatever you'd like. 

For our money though, there's no better way to roll into Saturday and Sunday than to head out with your mates on Friday night for a spot of after dark bowling and laser skirmish. Not only can you start the weekend off right with great company and good food, but you'll also be able to enjoy the great after dark weekend deals that we have here at Xtreme Entertainment. Let's get this party started!

Escape the office

While many of us want to run out of the office as soon as the clock strikes five, there's often a pressure to get things done before heading home for the weekend. As annoying as it might be, this is becoming more and more common, especially if we want to avoid having to work over the weekend. After all, with smartphones now an integral part of everyday life, it's all but impossible to escape the daily deluge of email that seems to pile up just in time for Monday morning.

If you are staying late, it might mean that you can't meet up with your mates until after 9 pm, which just so happens to be the best time to head down to Xtreme Entertainment. Don't worry about the time, and instead enjoy our after dark bowling deal, which lets you make the most of your money and get the perfect start to a well-deserved break. 

Fuel for the weekend

Regardless of what your plans might be for the rest of the weekend, you'll definitely need to make sure your body is well fuelled. You can get a brilliant head start on this at Xtreme Entertainment, with a menu full of all your favourite foods - from burgers to chocolate sundaes. And hey, why not enjoy a beer or two while you bowl. After a long week of the nine to five, you've earned it. 

And it's not just bowling that you can enjoy either. Whether you want to go for a few rounds of laser skirmish or dip into nostalgia with a few arcade games, Xtreme Entertainment has everything you need to forget about those emails and enjoy some quality time for yourself.