5 ways to up your bowling game


Whether you've never been bowling before, or you've already been and have discovered that it's a little harder than it looks, learning a few tips to improve your bowling game is always a good idea.

If you want to rock up to the lane feeling like a pro and bowl a strike a few moments later, remember these five bowling tips.

1. Not all bowling balls are created equal

Before you even approach the lane, you'll need a bowling ball. While the pros usually bring their own that's perfectly suited to them, you'll have a range of 'house ball' choices. Now, keep in mind that the one you like the colour of won't necessarily be right for you. Instead, pick up each ball in turn to find the one that best fits your hand.

You'll be looking for one where your fingers fit in the holes well - not so loose that you have to squeeze tightly to hold it, and not too tight that it stops you from putting your fingers in the whole way. As for the weight, opt for the heaviest one you can throw comfortably.

2. Nail the approach

The approach is where you move towards the start of the lane to release the ball. You'll likely want to go for a four-step approach, and remember to keep your shoulders square and facing forward. Let your arm swing smoothly and keep your pace steady. This entire movement will work together to help you release the ball in the right direction with the right speed.

3. Roll for the release

Don't be tempted to throw or drop the ball. Instead, you want a nice smooth roll to release it, and the ball should always be in front of you at the moment of release. You'll know you've got it right when there's no 'clunk' sound, but a smooth rolling sound straight from the hand.

4. Follow through

It's as true in bowling as it is in tennis, golf, and many other sports - never forget the follow through. Some people will lock their arms in place as soon as they let go of the ball, but instead, let that arm continue its motion and let your body come to a natural stop. This smooth motion will add another layer in getting that ball where you want it to go!

5. Practice at home

We don't recommend throwing heavy balls around your dining room at home, but there's no reason you can't perfect the approach and release at home. Simply imagine the ball in your hand, pick at spot on the other side of the room, and practice. You can even open up YouTube videos to watch the pros do it so you can see how they hold their bodies during the game.