3 ways to celebrate your strike


There are very few feelings in the world that can compare to the awesome rush of nailing a strike at the ten pin bowling alley. In fact, it's a near-magical experience. From the moment the ball leaves your fingertips, you know that something special is about to happen. Time seems to slow down, accentuating the graceful flight path that curves away from the gutter at just the right moment, crashing into the centre pin. Like clockwork, the remaining nine follow in dutiful harmony, crumbling beneath the tremendous power of your swing. How do you celebrate?

In the heat of the moment, it can be tough to remain cool, but nothing ruins a strike better than yelping and dancing awkwardly. You're better than that.

Here are three super slick ways to celebrate your strike.

1. The robot

It's an oldie, but some things never go quite out of style. A precision bowl deserves an equally mechanical celebration, so break out those twisting limbs and get down like its 2001. This one also works particularly well if you can get several strikes in a row, exhibiting the kind of refined skill and ability that only a robot could have.

2. The action hero

We've all seen those scenes in action movies where the hero walks away from a building or car, only for it to explode behind them. There are few things cooler than not looking at your strike, so when you're sure you've got one, turn away and head back to your seat. As a word of caution, this one can backfire big time if you make the wrong call, so make sure you're aim is true before doing it.

3. The gracious pro

If you've ever watched the world's best bowlers in action, there is often a great degree of grace with which they celebrate. While it might be tempting to dance around like a madman, remember to keep things subtle and show respect. A bow, modest fist pump or gentle round of applause are all great options, but save falling to your knees in teary-eyed ecstasy until the end of the game. There's nothing worse than a premature celebration, and it can give the rest of the bowlers added motivation to take you down.

Of course, the best celebrations are personal and unique to you. Practice in front of the mirror and then whip out your moves to amaze your friends and astound your enemies next time you dominate at the local Xtreme Entertainment centre.